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"You have such a nice penis," I admired proudly. "So perfect and hard."

“I’m glad you like it, Mom,” he murmured with a chuckle.

“Holy shit, Mom, that’s so fucking good,” he sputtered as his eyes rolled with delirious bliss. “So fucking good…”


“I want to see this big cock cum. I want to make my boy squirt all over himself. Come on, Nick, do you want to cum for Mommy?”

“Yes, Mom!”

“Show me that cum, baby! Cum for Mommy!”

“Yes! Oh, yes! I’m cumming…!”

I pumped steadily at his flaring hard-on, and with a final contraction I watched him erupt in my hand. The cum flooded out of his cock in a spasm of delight and oozed thickly down over my knuckles. With his head thrown on my tits he let out a continuous series of moans and grunts of satisfaction. The wet warmness of his fresh spunk trickled along my fingers. I was tingling all over, especially between my legs.

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